We are more than just a safe house.
Sylvia's Place is a supporting agency that believes in the inherent value of every human being. Our mission is to create and to sustain a safe environment that empowers women and children through preventative education and advocacy, which promotes stronger individuals, families, and communities.

Sylvia's Place is named after a local Allegan County woman who lost her life while trying to flee an abusive relationship. Our agency is dedicated to the memory of Sylvia Allen [click here to read her story] and exists to provide a safe environment for women and children fleeing similar circumstances.

Since our beginning in 1996, we have provided over 54,000 safe bed nights to the women and children we are honored to serve.  Our wonderful supporter’s gifts enable us to welcome all those who are fleeing domestic violence in their homes.  
We also offer residential and non-residential support services to survivors who are looking for ways to change their lives. We use contracted counseling services, victim (legal) advocacy, case management, referrals to area agencies, housing referrals, and other referrals based on individual survivor needs.

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Sylvia's Place - Statement of Values
  •  We value the right of every individual to have a safe and just environment.
  •  We value the inherent equality and worth of all individuals.
  •  We value the strength and power of individuals to make their own life choices.
  •  We value the integrity of our organization practices.
  •  We value responding to the community need with vision, creativity and courageous leadership.
Audrey Hart - President
Cathy Boysen - Vice President
Connie Haan - Treasurer
Jan Collins - Secretary
Robyn Allison 
Lynn Etheridge
Shelly Lampen
Wendy Raymond
Janice Wilson
Sue Fleming
Christina Stegink
Sylvia's Place 
Board of Directors

The Sylvia's Place Promise....
In Allegan County and surrounding areas there have been many disturbing situations involving domestic violence deaths.  It's hard to tell what causes someone to escalate to the point where they are willing to take another's life, every domestic abuse situation is different.  Domestic Violence can come in every shape, color, size, situation, and profession.  
Sylvia's Place provides a safe place for victims of domestic violence.  Staffed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, we open our doors and our hearts to those seeking help.
No one is  turned  away regardless of the profession of the victim or the perpetrator.  We offer  warm, comfortable  safe housing, we also provide counseling and support. It is our hope that by offering these resources, we will put a stop to the vicious cycle of domestic violence.
Sylvia's Place  would be willing to come and speak at any organization regarding domestic violence and the affect it has on both the family and community.  We're here to provide safety, support, advocacy and education. 
All of our staff at Sylvia's Place attends mandatory training provided by MCEDSV and continuous training as needed that helps prepare us to handle every situation we may encounter. If you know of someone who you believe may be in an unhealthy or abusive relationship give them our number.
All of our services are confidential in nature.  
Domestic Abuse Survivors Support Services
(269) 673-8700 or 
888-411-7837 (24/7)
Success Stories...

Beatrice is a 50-year-old woman from Hamilton who left an abusive relationship after a long-term marriage.  “Now that my family is grown and on their own, I need to take care of me”.  In the five weeks she was with us, we helped her file a PPO, consult with West Michigan Legal Services about a divorce, find a job (she hadn’t been employed for years), and move into her own subsidized apartment. 

Brooklyn came to us with her 4 year old son fleeing from another state due to the extreme lethality of her domestic violence situation. The horror of her abuse left her scarred not only emotionally but physically.  Brooklyn had tolerated the abuse for years until the abuser progressed into the degradation of her children.  During her stay at Sylvia’s Place, Brooklyn began seeing the Adult Therapist and was soon able to find full time employment and transportation.   Brooklyn successfully relocated and was able to reunite with her oldest son and will be starting his first year of college in a home free of domestic violence.